Heated LED Headlights

United Pacific carries a variety Heated LED Headlights in many sizes with either black or chrome housing to take on the cold weather. These headlights use the latest technology inside of the lens to activate the heating function to melt away any built up frost or ice. Built in either high corrosion resistant aluminum or polycarbonate, these headlights are sure to withstand any type of inclimate weather conditions.

Heating Innovation
The built-in heating function allows the headlight to defrost and de-ice itself when ambient temperatures reach 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius) or below. One type of headlight uses a transparent conductive coating inside the glass lens while the other contains electrical wires inside the polycarbonate lens to heat up the headlight. An integrated monitoring system is in place to turn off heating when snow & ice has cleared from the lens.

Heavy-duty + Durability
4" X 6" headlights with chrome and black
The 4x6 black and chrome housing headlights are built with a durable glass lens with heavy-duty corrosion resistant aluminum housing for optimal heat transfer. Shock and vibration resistant providing best protection against damage from impact, roadside debris and other hazards.
Polycarbonate lens
All black housing with polycarbonate lens are constructed with a high-impact resistant and robust anti-corrosion housing for superior protection against the elements.

All Powerful Heated LED Headlights
Our lineup of Heated LED Headlights are DOT approved and available in different sizes with either black or chrome housing for the 4”x6” variant. The 5”x7” and 7” versions only come with black housing.
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Our LED vs Halogen Headlights.
We chose to go with LED technology as opposed to halogen because LEDs are brighter, have a wider beam pattern, use less energy, and last much longer. They also look cooler with a pure white color temperature compared to the more yellow tones of halogen headlights.
LED Headlights
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Halogen Headlights
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Light Beam Pattern

High Beam Light Pattern
High Beam
Low Beam Light Pattern
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Easy Installation
Coming with a standard H4 style connector, installation is a simple plug-and-play process.