Steering Wheels and Accessories

When it comes to steering wheels for big rigs, United Pacific are second to none in the industry. With such an expansive selection of steering wheel styles – from the ever-popular classic wood, candy colored, hydro-dipped, to aluminum and chrome steering wheels, we have it all. While most of our inventory features the standard 18-inch steering wheel size, we also have a few in 14-inch as well. Most of our steering wheels also come with hubs and hubless designs specifically made to fit certain applications.

Along with our vast catalog of steering wheels, United Pacific carries a plethora of accessories to complement the cockpit like steering wheel covers, hubs, horns, steering wheels spinners, chrome steering column covers and many more. In addition to steering wheel accessories, we also have gear shift knobs, air valve knobs, and shifter shaft extensions to spice up the interior. And if you’re a dealer, we sell retail displays perfect for showcasing our steering wheels.

Key Features

CNC Machined

Many of our steering wheels are CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum. Woodgrain steering wheels have a heavy-stamped center with steel structure inside the rim.

Finger Grooves

Finger grooves are precision machined into the backside of the steering wheels for improved grip and comfort.

Matching Accessories

Some of our steering wheels feature automotive designer colors with matching horn bezels, spinners, and shifter accessories available to order.

High Quality Coating

High quality UV-resistant coating are applied on our steering wheels to prevent fading.

Wood Steering Wheels
Inspired by nature, our high-quality polished wood rim steering wheels are the perfect balance of grip and style. Made from premium materials to tolerate years of wear and tear.

18" Classic Wood Steering Wheel with Hubs

18" Classic Wood Steering Wheels - Hubless

18" Designer Wood Steering Wheels – Hubless

18" Wood Steering Wheels with Matching Horn Bezel

Color Steering Wheels 
Designed with intensity and the finest finish to match your truck, our candy color series: bright blue to red wood rim steering wheels are the ultimate custom finish.

18" Candy Color Steering Wheels – Hubless

18" Blue Steering Wheels - Hubless

18" Red Steering Wheels - Hubless

18" Indigo Red & Electric Blue Steering Wheels with Matching Horn Bezel

18" Glacier & Carbon Steering Wheels
Elevate your driving experience with unique Glacier & Carbon design options. Made from premium materials, this durable construction makes the steering wheels long lasting.

18" Hydro-Dip Steering Wheels
Our state-of-the-art hydrographic process creates an amazing finish and each hydro-dip steering wheel comes complete with a protective clear coat that shields from scratches.

18" Hydro-Dip Steering Wheels – Hubless

18" Hydro-Dip Flame & Skull Steering Wheels & Horn Bezels

18" Designer Leather Rim Steering Wheels - Hubless
From leather cushion to sturdy grip, our premium Leather Rim Steering Wheels are designed for an uncompromising comfort that will make you fall in love with driving.

18" Stainless Steel & Aluminum Steering Wheels - Hubless
Every part of the Steering Wheel is designed in pursuit of superiority. Built with aluminum, every shape and design is made with precision CNC machine.

18" Skull Accent Steering Wheels - Hubless
A solid skull accent runs over the spoke of the steering wheel as an additional detail. Crafted from chrome, this detailed genuine skull displays a strong appeal to the road warrior.

14" Chrome Aluminum & Leather Steering Wheels* - Hubless
Great for truck show, the smaller steering wheels offer less turning when traveling. Built with aluminum and premium leather, this 14-inch steering wheel is the ultimate look for any big rig truck and comfort.
 *This product is for competition use only. United Pacific holds no responsibility for any consequences, legal, or other, of such use and/or misuse.

18" & 20" Steering Wheel Covers
Add comfort, style, and protection to the steering wheel. Our Steering Wheel Covers feature great workmanship from the finest leather.
View steering wheel covers

Steering Column Covers
Designed to improve steering mechanism and add style to your truck.
View column covers

Spinners, Gearshift Knobs and Accessories
Dress up the interior with our complete line of high-quality shifter extensions and gear shift knob covers in matching colors and various lengths.
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Steering Wheel Hub/Horn
Made of high-quality materials for big rigs. This product is designed with truckers in mind using state-of-the-art technology.
View hub & horn assemblies

Steering Wheel Horn Button Bezels
From tough skull designs to vibrant colors, browse the latest styles and colors.
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Steering Wheels Display
Get innovative Steering Wheel displays. Our display can help attract customers, retain their interest, and increase sales.
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Steering Wheels Catalog
Download the PDF version of our Steering Wheel and Accessories Catalog. To request a print version of the catalog, email us at
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